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Practical Ways To Control & Grow Your Business

Are you feeling overwhelmed by the sheer volume of work involved in running a business?

Have you established a business and now you’re ready to scale up and grow?

Are you feeling removed from your real passions and your business is feeling like a grind?

When your business is operating efficiently everything just works – it truly is magical. With clear focus on goals, time mastery, strategic planning and streamlined systems, your business can operate like a well-oiled machine.

In this must read book, author Helen McIntosh shares her simple, practical and pragmatic advice for business owners to unlock the gold within their business.

Decades of experience in businesses both big and small has equipped Helen with insights that enable business owners to master and grow their businesses to create personal and business harmony.

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Meet The Author - Helen McIntosh


Born into an extended family of farmers and shopkeepers, Helen is no stranger to small businesses. She grew up on farms until, at 16, her mum moved the family to Melbourne so the three children could continue their education. Helen was the first of the family to go to university,

Qualified as a Chartered Accountant, Helen worked in audit and tax followed by a move into corporate. She worked in a range of industries and organisations, including not-for-profits, small and medium-sized family businesses, and multinational corporations. Helen has been dipping in and out of consulting to small business since 2005.

Helen is endlessly fascinated with business and business people and is driven to share her wealth of experience with the owners of small and medium sized businesses. She is keen to help business owners overcome overwhelm by mastering their time to enable them to create the life they desire.

Operations Genie gets businesses organised with strategic planning, great systems and digging behind the numbers (when Helen’s inner accountant gets out). Great strategies & robust systems enable businesses to scale up and grow the value of the business. Helen also helps prepare businesses to transition to the next generation or sale as the owners exit the business.

In her spare time, Helen is life member of Peridot Theatre, which delivers high-quality theatre in Melbourne’s east. She can be found painting and running set builds, costuming and doing some of a myriad of tasks that need to be done to run the small business that is a community theatre.

Helen is proud of her two adult daughters Alison, 26 and Georgia, 22 and is proud of the accomplished and independent women that they have become



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